Emmanuel Mission Sr Sec School Jalore
Emmanuel Mission Sr Sec School Jalore
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Flexibility is the key to the philosophy behind the curriculum. Much emphasis is placed on providing a balanced individual programme. Numbers in each classroom are kept relatively small. While traditional teaching methods still have their place, the role of the teacher as a facilitator, helping students to learn is given prominence. The curriculum in the school is designed to emphasize skill-based learning through active participation of children in a variety of activities. Exploring, experimenting, analyzing and creativity form the core skills. The main focus in the language classroom is on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Besides the languages; mathematics, science, social sciences, art & crafts, computer skills, public speaking, dramatics and music & dance are taught to develop aesthetic sense as well as technological understanding.

The school boasts wonderful laboratory for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science fitted with latest hardware and equipment as per CBSE guidelines.

The Language laboratory and English communication lab are also according to the CBSE standard helping student to enrich their knowledge and skills.